Why Professional Hair and Makeup is Important in Your Boudoir Photoshoot

To ensure excellent and flawless photos, professional makeup and hair styling are a must for your boudoir session! Besides, who doesn’t like to be pampered and feel like a VIP? Our artists use high-quality products that are easy on your skin, and bring out that inner glow that you may have forgotten was there. A […]

Getting Real On Stretch Marks

So, let’s be honest, stretch marks are a normal and frequent occurrence in the lives of so many people. Especially if you have gone through physical changes like pregnancy, and weight gain/loss, stretch marks are a part of life! Yet they’re frequently stigmatized and viewed as ugly or unattractive. This can make a lot of people […]

What not to bring to your Boudoir Session

In order to make your boudoir photos at Lea Flores Photography as eye appealing and empowering as possible, you may already be considering what to pack in your bag for the day. Just as important to have the “for sure” items, it’s crucial to think about what not to bring to your boudoir session. We […]

Getting Prepped for Sexy!

What is Boudoir Photography? Where was boudoir derived from, and when did women start feeling it was time to love their damn selves in all of their glory? The roots of Boudoir Photography started in the 18 century. The word Boudoir actually doesn’t mean bedroom much to popular belief. Although it is most commonly used […]

Empowerment through boudoir photography

Boudoir photography in the words of Colorado Boudoir Photographer Lea Flores is a life-changing event for many people. The amount of feedback that Lea has gotten over the course of her 15-year career has made her so much more than a philosopher on the subject. This intimate portraiture enables a man or woman to accept […]

Colorado Boudoir Photographer Lea Flores Appreciates the Veterans

So many times the most interesting people are the ones that sit right next to us every day. Take my friend Jason for instance who has had his share of experiences. Probably more so than any one of us will reach in our lifetime. Jason is a disabled American Veteran who served our country for […]

Boudoir Studio Podcast – Between the Sheets W/Lea

Between the Sheets with Lea We have a podcast! One of the things I love the most about what I do is being able to listen to the stories of all of the Colorado Springs women I’ve been fortunate enough to share time with in my Boudoir Suite Studio. I absolutely love to be able […]

The Boudoir Suite Studio is Open for Business

Have you ever heard the expression that a diamond only becomes a diamond after facing extreme pressure, or the term, fire refines gold? Well, that could not be truer for the journey of our new Boudoir studio…. We are open for business!! It has been an uphill battle! From people trying to burn the place […]

Happy 40th to me…..I think

Well, it is my birthday once again, except for this time it is not just one of those ordinary birthdays! It’s supposed to be one of those turning leaf moments, 40, shall I say more?  Reading that back a few times I couldn’t help but think I probably sounded as excited as Disney’s E’ore. 2021 […]

How Do I Keep My Boudoir Session A Secret?

Boudoir photography has always been and has become an even more popular type of session amongst women. I always tell women, “you should never have to have a reason why you do this type of sexy photography; however, many do. Getting married is a huge one, but don’t discount divorce, weight loss, a confidence booster, […]

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