Why I Fell In Love With Boudoir

When I fell In love with Boudoir I knew from the very first time that I photographed a boudoir session that I was absolutely in love with it. I am recouping from a major surgery, and while I’m supposed to be vegging out, watching TV or something like that. I have decided that my relaxation […]

You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size!

You are wearing the wrong bra size! Do you know the amount of women that are going around wearing the wrong bra size? It’s in the high 80% percent. That means that you are probably one of those women. The majority of that percentage is women that are wearing bra sizes too small. If you […]

Where Do I Hang These

When I explain to my clients I am a print artist, the first question they typically ask is, but where am I going to hang these? Courtesy of CG Pro Prints Most of my clients that have done family photos with me, booked me as their wedding photographer, or even my high school senior and […]