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Between the Sheets with Lea

We have a podcast!

One of the things I love the most about what I do is being able to listen to the stories of all of the Colorado Springs women I’ve been fortunate enough to share time with in my Boudoir Suite Studio. I absolutely love to be able to connect with someone. I love getting into the dirt  and pulling some of those weeds out and help plant new growth! 

Some of you may have wondered about my why and thinking about it, I realize that when we are able to become vulnerable, transparent, and shedding everything we hide behind, it allows us to talk about things we normally would not and share a part of who we authentically are. I understand all too well that our adversities often times are our biggest assets and also some of the biggest turning points in our lives.

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Hence the premise behind the podcast was born!

Between the Sheets with Lea, captures the journey of life, business, and relationships with all of its idiosyncrasies. The grit, the grind, the trouble, the joy, and everything that encompasses this continuous journey to being successful, self-improvement, learning how to love you, and how to pay it forward when we can.

I host this show with my beautiful assistant Whitney (who holds nothing back). We love often coming from difference of opinions and sometimes the opposite side of the spectrum, that, by itself, is great content!

If you are someone who regularly listens to podcasts, or you have had any experience with Lea Flores Photography and the Boudoir suite, if you are new to all of it and just found yourself here reading our blog (thank you by the way) we would be delighted to have your attention! We want you to get to know all of us better! We want to share some of our intimate stories, many of which we share within the confines of The Boudoir Suite Studio, but we want to share it with everyone. This gives our Colorado Springs peeps the opportunity, if they have never worked with Lea, or Whitney to connect with us on a different level.

We are always looking to provide as much value as we can, so let us know what you think, your opinion matters! Also tell us what you would find valuable to listen to and maybe we can throw some gems your way!

We hope soon, to also be able to offer you the option of just audio as well so that however it is you like to listen or watch we have you covered! See what you have been missing and we’ll see you Between the Sheets! 

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