Dont take my word for it take my client's.

Choosing to do boudoir is a big deal to most women! That’s why we so highly regard what our clients say after the boudoir shoot. Of course women talk to women and we want to be one of the best experiences that they have chosen to do. Lea has photographed over a thousand women in Colorado Springs and the major majority agree that a Boudoir Photo Shoot was just what they never knew they needed. Take a moment to see what our clients are saying about their shoot in the Boudoir Suite and we are sure this will help you make the decision and get off the fence.


Lisa M

I found Lea through a mutual friend as I was looking for a professional, artistic, and trustworthy photographer for my boudoir photos. Trust me ladies, Lea was all that and more! Thank you for helping me feel beautiful and confident. I instantly knew I was in good hands. The pictures are stunning! Thank you to Jessica as well for the exquisite hair and make up- she’s incredible as well.


Brandi G

Lea made me feel so comfortable for my shoot, and was so personable. Not only that but she accommodated me and helped me to quickly reschedule when I was sick. Will definitely have many more photos done with Lea!


Darcy B

I would highly recommend Lea Flores to be your photographer.. I’m 57, and got these pictures done for myself… I instantly felt comfortable, and I’m not sure about the other ladies she has photographed, but I thought I was the most beautiful, sexy, confident woman ever!!! She puts you at ease because I honestly think she see’s that beauty in each, and every person behind her camera.. she is an absolute blessing to anyone she comes in contact with… thank you Lea for the wonderful experience, and photos❤ ❤


Maxine W

I just love the way Lea makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. I was super nervous and scared before my shoot. But Lea was amazing and made me feel beautiful and confident and comfortable. The experience was amazing.


Jessica B

Lea was incredible. The photos were amazing, but Lea is the one who made me feel confident and beautiful! My boyfriend and I absolutely love the photos, I wouldve never been able to do this without Lea. She made me confident enough to even take some more revealing photos!! I would highly recommend Lea and any of her services. The make up done by her MUA made me feel even more like a queen. What an incredible experience I never thought I would enjoy! Thank you Lea, we still look at the photos in awe and amazement. I finally recognize my own beauty ♡


Elena K

Wow! I just had my session with Lea and I couldn’t be happier! A close friend suggested I do a mini session with her and initially I thought “ No way! I’d want to lose 20 lbs first.” After looking at Lea’s website I decided to take the risk and see if she could live up to her promise to make a woman of any size feel
beautiful and sexy. Ladies, she not only kept her promise, she rocked it! For the first time since becoming pregnant 3 years ago, I felt confident and comfortable with my body. I was so nervous the day of the shoot. I opted for having her artist do hair and makeup which I highly recommend! It gave me a chance to get comfortable in the space before taking pictures and have the assurance of knowing I would look camera ready. As soon as Lea snapped the first picture I literally felt all my mom-bod insecurities melt away. She talked me through every single pose and her attention to detail is obvious. I didn’t want it to end but by the time we finished I felt like I was on top of the world! Thank you Lea for helping me to see the sexy woman I remember from before kids is still here.To any lady out there even considering booking with Lea, the answer is YES! Just do it!

Lea's Why

Here’s my why:

Boudoir photography is so much more than sexy lingerie and sexy photos. I have to admit that at first, boudoir photos were more about the sexiness of the pictures. The fun that the women would experience while in the session with me. however once I got to know these women a little more intimately, I learned very fast that every woman had a story to tell. A story that was very important to them, they had a why. It was no longer about me and the images I could create, it was about these women. It was about allowing them the space to be who they needed to be in the time we had together. It was allowing them to cry, laugh, be vulnerable in any way that they needed to!  I have met so many amazing women in Colorado springs and they all have different reasons and different whys. 

What's your why?

Lea really loves learning about her clients and hearing their why behind the photo shoot as she feels it ignites a fire in them even more and gives them more confidence throughout the shoot. Lea has a unique ability to allow these women to feel safe and vulnerable at the same time.

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