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Hi Boudoir babes!! I bet you can’t wait to be photographed in the BEST Boudoir Photography Studio in town, and by the Top Boudoir Photographer in Colorado Springs, The Boudoir Suite by Lea Flores Photography! 

We look forward to getting you sexi-fied in the Boudoir Suite with Lea Flores Photography! Here are a few things to note:

Fox News thinks you should do a Boudoir Session too and we do too! 

Get to see the studio and a few behind the scenes things before you come! 

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  • Please arrive at your appointment ON TIME and no sooner, no exceptions. We are normally booked back-to-back, and can only ensure your spot up to 10 minutes after your appointment. Anything after that will have to be rescheduled for another day! This is to ensure privacy for everyone and their session.
  • Extra Guests: Though this experience is fun and exciting it can be a little nerve-racking; please feel free and bring along ONE friend, please do! Any additional people will require notice; as we will have to have additional people on the premises for safety. 

Due to ongoing COVID virus, we will need to know if you are planning on bringing any guests with you ahead of time.

  • Session fee, if it has not already been paid MUST be paid in order to secure your spot.
  • You can expect your session to last a minimum of 30 Minutes. Each session is dependent on the experience you chose. (This time includes, Photographer’s time and talent, it does NOT include Packaging.)
  • Typically, you are allowed two outfit changes, unless you purchased a larger experience.
  • You are responsible for providing your outfits, for the session ahead of time. I am happy to refer you to places where you can purchase lingerie, or can offer ideas on what to wear. We do carry some options for purchase. SEE BELOW
  • Bring a couple of pairs of heels and stockings if you prefer.
  • Be sure that you are comfortable with your selected outfits (if any at all). Boudoir is very intimate and it is important that you are comfortable.
  • Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing on the day of to avoid any unwanted marks on the body.
  • A glass of wine is permitted at your session as long as it is handled responsibly, please bring a wine of your choice. (“Going All the Way” Packages, will have wine or a beverage of your choice provided.)
  • No kids allowed in the Boudoir Suite
  • Cameras and or Camera phones of any kind are Prohibited while in Session
  • Pay attention to small details, the camera captures all, so make sure those toes and nails have a slight clear or polish on them. A simple Mani/Pedi will do!
  • If there are any specific props you’d like to include, please bring them

How to get to us

My home/studio address is located at 8710 Link Road. No need to worry, my studio is completely separate from my home and is absolutely private! Please watch the short video to see where to park and how to get to us. 

  • Please park on the dirt area next to the driveway to the far left of the garage. Please note that it is not the office door.
  • Entry is on the left side, west side of the garage, and is a private entry. Please take off your shoes at the door or use the booties on your shoes. Just Come in.


Ill see you there! 

First things First

We HIGHLY recommend doing a free consultation first. At the Boudoir consultation, we can get more detailed and you can ask more pointed questions about the experience. We can talk all about packages and pricing  and we also feel that this helps take the edge off of feeling anytime of anxiety or anxiousness. 

We will also recommend ahead of time to visit our FB group Page @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoudoirSuite/  Without this link you cannot get in unless invited. In this  PRIVATE Boudoir Group,  you can connect with local women, ask questions about the experience, get built up by my boudoir community and see some of the other women’s boudoir photos.  

For more fun and a little more about Lea and the team, you can visit our Instagram @theboudoirsuite and @leafloresphotography. 

Just want to see more Boudoir Photos for  great ideas, then visit my Pinterest page


Spray tan Colorado Springs

Meet Lacey

Need some color? I have just the girl to send you too! She is the BEST Spray Tanner in Colorado Springs! Trust me, I wouldn’t send you to anyone that was going to require me to edit all the orange out of your skin! Lacey, is the best and uses all the best products as well! You can see her direct at the studio a few days before your session or go directly to her in Black Forest Colorado. Give her a call today to set up your appointment ahead of time and let her know you are coming to the Boudoir Suite. (719)231-7700 



Ask for more information! 

Now that you are all bronzed up and probably already well on your way to feeling sexy, lets talk outfits! I do not provide lingerie outfits for the Boudoir Shoot as every woman is very size specific and quite frankly it just wouldn’t be sanitary. I do keep robes and easy throw on pieces such as that on hand. The number of outfits depends on the experience that you have chosen. There are some very sexy places to get outfits, and I have added a few of my favorite places under the boudoir gallery on this website. Please try to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes prior to coming. This will help me to avoid unwanted lines on your body. Talking about unwanted lines or blemishes, let head on over to our next services! 

Beauty Mark'd with


Worried about butt acne,  or any other blemishes ahead of your shoot? We have just the right treatments available for you, right here in the Boudoir Suite with Licensed esthetician Juanita and her company Beauty Mark’d

For the most optimal results, some of these service are recommended to be booked one week prior to your shoot. 

Contact Juanita direct for a consultation over the phone and to coordinate with your already booked boudoir session. (719)217-4655

Need a Lash girl! Juanita does this too! This service is recommended 3 days before your session. $125.00 FULL SET (PROMOTIONAL RATE) 

Boudoir Photographer Colorado Springs
Make up Shot

The Day of your Boudoir photoshoot

When you arrive to the Boudoir Suite to start your epic experience, you will start with one of our lovely makeup artists! This first hour with them will feel like pampering for you and it also allows you to settle those nerves a bit.

All of our packages are designed to come with hair and professional makeup and our artists have the credentials to back them. These women have worked with every type of ethnicity and age.  While many women can do their makeup nicely, our artists are trained and have taken hours and hours of education to master their craft! Leave the lipstick and lashes up to us and just sit back and enjoy your time!

Few Pointers from Whitney

  • Please wash your hair the night before if it is dry, and the day of if it is on the oily side. If you have very curly hair and would like it straight in the photos, please make sure to straighten it. If you would like it, curly then please leave it.
  • If you would like to wear lashes, please bring them and the makeup artist will apply them for you. If you do not have any, lashes can be purchased for $15 through the artist direct

Now that you are all glammed up and looking like a sexy goddess, we are ready to start your shoot!

RELAX… this is the best part!

For any other questions that might come up, take a look here at some of my most frequently asked questions. 

Questions and answers:

What should I expect for the day of my Boudoir Photography experience?

I’ll use posing and lighting techniques that will flatter your figure to no end. I will talk you through every step of every single pose and will tell you exactly what to do, from how you breathe, to how you maintain your posture, to how you turn your head and where to put your hands.

I have stretch marks do you do any editing of the pictures?

After your boudoir session is complete, I’ll make sure to naturally and subtlety retouch your best photographs so that you’ll look the absolute best authentic version of yourself.

I need to lose another 10 pounds before I do this, should I wait?

If you don’t do it now, you won’t do it later. At any size or age, I promise you will look stunning. Every woman should do a boudoir shoot at least one time in their life! 

How do I know that you are not some kind of weirdo?

I know that today, you can never be too careful with whatever it is you are doing, I am actually very excited to meet you and would highly recommend you set up a pre-consultation with me to see the studio and get a little bit more comfortable.

Does the Boudoir session/experience fee include anything else?

Your session fee, if hasn’t already been paid for needs to be paid, before the session to secure your spot. This time includes your photographer’s time and talent and does not include any packaging.

Do you have some sexy lingerie that I can wear?

We do have some great items for sale. These items must be purchased and cannot be returned. We are in the process of building our online site, but for now if you want to see what we have to offer, just send us a PM. 

I have no clue what to wear, can you help?

Boudoir photography is very intimate and you want to be sure that you are comfortable with the outfits you have chosen, if any at all. Try to wear loose fitting clothes such as sweats the day of to differ any unwanted marks on the body. As far as outfits, dependent on how far out your session is, if we dont have something that you love, there are many other places that we can refer you too! 

Do I need to do my own hair and makeup?

We want you to feel totally pampered while you are in the Boudoir Suite and so you will be getting hair and makeup done by my professional hair and makeup artist. It was actually already paid for in your session fee. Have a wig in mind or something of that nature, just let us know ahead of time so that the makeup artist can be prepared. 

I have a crazy farmer tan going on, should I get sprayed?

I work with some of the best tanners in Colorado Springs. Let’s schedule a tanning experience with one of them so that you get the absolute most natural and yet bronzed look for your session.

Can I get naked?

You are in control here and can be as conservative or as sexy as you want.

I'm so nervous I might just pee my pants, can I bring a friend?

This is a very fun experience but can be a little nerve racking, if you want to bring a girlfriend along, please do. You can also bring wine with you and can have while at the boudoir session in a responsible manner. If you have chosen the (Going all the way package) then wine or some chosen beverage will be provided for you.

My friend has this crazy cool phone, can we do our own strike a pose in your boudoir studio?

The only thing that is prohibited while in the boudoir session is cameras/camera phones of any type. If you or anyone that you bring pulls out a phone, you will be asked to step outside.

Tips for what to wear

The first two questions I am asked when clients decide to do a boudoir shoot with me is, ” Should I wait and lose 10 pounds,” and what should I wear? The first questions is a quick NO! Then, if women dont like what the Boudoir Closet has to offer,  the very next place I point women to is their own closet. We as women stock up on things that we seldom wear, so my suggestion is, this is that perfect opportunity to wear those items. There are many great choices of clothing you can probably grab right out of your own closet. Not every item needs to be lingerie and expensive. Look to your closet for a see through lace blouse, a sweater you can pull off of your shoulder, or a crop top look that can look super sexy with boy short panties. Items such as a sexy white tank can typically be found in HIS closet too if not in yours. If you are in HIS closet, grab one of his button up shirts or a favorite tie. If your guy is into sports, bring a jersey with some knee high socks. The more you put into this, the more he will be blown away. I do recommend usually one bra and panty set unless you are trying to hide the tummy area. If that is the case, then a beautiful kimono will do nicely.

Let’s be honest women, most of us have lingerie in our drawers that we bought because we liked the idea of it, but never put it on. The more variety, the more photo choices you will have as well. Bring a variety of colors. I have always been a Coco Chanel kinda girl in wearing so much black, and that’s okay but you may want to change it up a bit. The only color I say stay away from is neon.  Just be creative! Grab your cowgirl boots or those sexy heels that you would NEVER dare to wear out, you know, the ones that look so good in your closet! Bring some thigh highs or whatever kind of clothing that might entice his fantasies. If you do plan to bring thigh highs, plan to wear them with a garter belt. It’s best to buy the ones without the plastic stay-ups. This is one thing us women fiddle around with forever in the boudoir studio trying to get to stay up. Bustiers are a great way to create curves and enhance cleavage, but keep in mind that they do not typically have cups built-in. A sexy trench coat with ravishing heels can be fun and mysterious!

Almost every woman brings fishnets to her session which are always fun. Although not always a must, jewelry such as long necklaces make for great props and give our hands something to play with. Short colorful pieces can add drama, especially to a fine art nude. Bring a couple of heels in a few colors. Nude heels can go with almost any outfit choice and black are a staple! Again, none of this has to be expensive! If you are on a budget for your boudoir session, try checking out your local thrift shops, there you will be surprised to find a ton of different unused heels that women kept in their closets because they looked so good in there! The biggest tip I can give my clients is to try it on beforehand and make sure that you feel SEXY and amazing in your outfit. If you feel uncomfortable in what you have chosen you will feel uncomfortable in the shoot.

Bra and panty sets are not the most flattering on every body and guess what, that’s ok! There are plenty of other options that I can help you with to find something that is form fitting to you and will look excellent! I always am happy to give my clients tips to be sure that they have the best experience while with me! I’ve been doing this a long time and have photographed hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes. If I ever make a suggestion to you, know that it comes with a lot of experience in knowing what looks amazing on women! Another suggestion is to check out my gallery thoroughly and Pinterest page to see if there is something you see that you like and would like to know where to get it!


Here are a few of my favorite places to get amazing lingerie before your boudoir shoot!


What Colorado Springs Women are saying about Boudoir

Choosing to do boudoir is a big deal to most women! That’s why we so highly regard what our clients say after the boudoir shoot. Of course women talk to women and we want to be one of the best experiences that they have chosen to do. Lea has photographed over a thousand women in Colorado Springs and the major majority agree that a Boudoir Photo Shoot was just what they never knew they needed. Take a moment to see what out clients are saying about their shoot in the Boudoir Suite and we are sure this will help you make the decision and get of the fence.  

Wow! I just had my session with Lea and I couldn’t be happier! A close friend suggested I do a mini session with her and initially I thought “ No way! I’d want to lose 20 lbs first.” After looking at Lea’s website I decided to take the risk and see if she could live up to her promise to make a woman of any size feel beautiful and sexy. Ladies, she not only kept her promise, she rocked it! For the first time since becoming pregnant 3 years ago, I felt confident and comfortable with my body. I was so nervous the day of the shoot. I opted for having her artist do hair and makeup which I highly recommend! It gave me a chance to get comfortable in the space before taking pictures and have the assurance of knowing I would look camera ready. As soon as Lea snapped the first picture I literally felt all my mom-bod insecurities melt away. She talked me through every single pose and her attention to detail is obvious. I didn’t want it to end but by the time we finished I felt like I was on top of the world! Thank you Lea for helping me to see the sexy woman I remember from before kids is still here.

I wanted to reach out to you again and thank you for such an amazing experience. I truly enjoyed every moment of it. You’re professionalism and passion for what you do shines through. Every chance I’ve gotten, I’ve highly recommended other women to reach out to you, and experience what I did for themselves. You made me feel so comfortable and stunning in my most vulnerable way. I admire what you do 💖I can see how you’ve inspired so many people. Just wanted to make sure to extend my gratitude. I felt as if a simple thank you wasn’t enough lol.

There is not enough stars to show how much I love Lea Flores Photography!!! It would be hard to pinpoint the best part of my experience in out photo shoot. Was Amazing from start to finish! I felt comfortable and relaxed. They photos look great!!! I highly recommend anyone looking for a photographer to hit Lea up, if you don’t you are missing out. Stop and take a look at the gorgeous photos. Book now! Can’t wait to try a pin up shoot Thank you Lea for the whole experience!!!

Your privacy

I take all my clients privacy very seriously. I will never share your images online or in print without your written consent and permission.
Every image you see on this website has been approved by the woman in the photo.
Whether you are just keeping it for you and your significant other or have a high profile career, I commit with a signed contract to keeping your images and personal information 100% confidential.
I have built a solid foundation of trust with you first in the Boudoir Suite and would like to continue that relationship based on trust there after. Although I love to showcase much of my work, I will never pressure my clients into sharing their photos, it is your choice and I will always respect that.

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