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Hello Colorado Springs Boudoir Babes

I am Lea Flores your Premier Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer.

You are fabulous lady and should be photographed.

I want to show you just how sexy you truly are! 

This experience is all about YOU!

"Photography is my life, it is not a job that I do, it is my true passion, what I have always been called to do. Photographing women in my private Colorado Springs Boudoir Studio and being able to watch their confidence grow while in the session is one of the main reasons I do what I do. My superpower is giving women the ability to see them-self the way I see their beauty, through my lens. It's a forever changing experience! "

Your Why Is So Important to me 

As you strike a pose, we will be sharing with each other, learning about each other, like close knit girlfriends. I want to see you smile and feel amazing about yourself no matter what phase of life you are in right now. Lets laugh together and you will get to know just how silly I am. I guarantee this will help put you at ease. 
In my boudoir studio, there is no judgement. I have heard it all, from a painful divorces that feels like it takes part of your soul, or for the wedding you are about to embark in, the major weight loss, the needed confidence from long spoken verbal abuse or just plain because you are a baddass!

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“I found Lea through a mutual friend as I was looking for a professional, artistic, and trustworthy Colorado Boudoir Photographer . Trust me ladies, Lea was all that and more! Thank you for helping me feel beautiful and confident. I instantly knew I was in good hands. The pictures are stunning! She is THE Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer to go to!  Thank you to Jessica as well for the exquisite hair and make up- she’s incredible as well.”
-Lisa M


Boudoir Photography Colorado

Sneak peek look into the best boudoir photography studio in Colorado Springs. 

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Boudoir and Colorado Springs Brides

What does Weddings have to do with Boudoir?
Well lady, its the best gift you can give your spouse on your big day. 
He will be anxiously awaiting the departure of the festivities to get you all alone after he see’s your beautifully custom made Boudoir Album. 
Bring on the sexy wedding lingerie and if you don’t have any, come see us and our select line! 

Maternity, Milk Bath , Colorado Boudoir Photography... its all sexy!

So your not feeling sexy in that last trimester of you pregnancy? let me show you just how sexy you truly are! Maternity and Boudoir Photography go hand in hand. You ARE so sexy right now as your body glows and each one of those curves are a little more exaggerated. You are giving life to another human being and should love and appreciate your body for everything it does for you. Come and see Lea, The Best Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer in the studio and let her help you feel more sexier then ever! 

So what makes Lea different then all the other Colorado boudoir photographers?
She is the queen of boudoir!
In all seriousness,  first and foremost it is her experience photographing women over 10 years. As a boudoir photographer, she knows how to capture the beauty of a women in an artistic way. Bad posing, miserable choice of light and to much editing are just some things where most boudoir photographers fail.  “I know women because I am a woman, I know what I would want to see in my pictures. I know how to pose a women’s body like no other, any-body type, it doesn’t matter what size you are! Come see why  She is one of the Best in Colorado Springs Boudoir.


Colorado Boudoir Photographer, we have you covered! As a distinguished member of many local and national Boudoir Photography groups, Lea always keeps up on her education. 

Although Lea is no longer advertising weddings and has sought out to be the best in Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography , she is very proud of all her memberships and accolades. 

Get to know Lea More! Although Colorado Boudoir Photography is a huge part of Lea’s life, she does so much more! Head on over to the about me section and read more about this Colorado Boudoir Queen

Colorado Boudoir Photographers and Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographers come learn from lea. 

Lea has one on one sessions that she offers to upcoming Boudoir Photographers. These sessions are invaluable and are only offered one on one so that she can take advantage of the time she has with each student. 

Not interested in becoming a boudoir photographer but would still like to learn lights, business, or posing? We will cater a learning session towards those things. 

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