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Boudoirs Best of AIBP 2022 Association of International Boudoir Photographer

Check out this powerful message from the Best Colorado Springs Photographer that every woman needs to hear.

How has Boudoir Photography evolved to Lea herself?

Listen here. While you are there, don’t forget to


Professional Photographer Colorado Springs

Hi Colorado Boudoir Babes and Dudes!! I am Lea Flores your Premier Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer.

You are worthy and should be photographed.

I want to show you just how sexy truly are!

This experience is all about YOU!

Directions to The Boudoir Studio in Fountain Colorado

Check out our Colorado Springs Boudoir Suite and Book your Boudoir Photos with us today! View the video to the right!

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Working with some of Colorado Springs Best Makup Artists

Your first point of contact the day of your boudoir session will be with one of our inhouse makeup artists.

Trust me, if you are nervous at all, these ladies are trained to have you feeling a lot more at ease!

Lea chooses nothing but the best of the best! Most artist will stay during your session for everyone comfort, as well as touchup and anything else needed. 

All of our boudoir photography sessions, maternity sessions, and luxury photoshoots come with hair and makeup by a professional artist . This is nonoptional unless you are doing a mini-session. Here is why; just like photographers, makeup artists spend time and money learning their craft to a T.  Our makeup artist are no exception to this rule. They know how to apply the appropriate amount of makeup for the camera. Besides, there is nothing like being pampered right before your boudoir session and we want this experience to be something you won’t ever forget! 

What others are saying...

Need to Know more? Listen to what my clients are saying.

“I found Lea while looking for trustworthy Colorado Boudoir Photographers . Trust me ladies, Lea was all that and more! Thank you for helping me feel beautiful and confident. I instantly knew I was in good hands. The pictures are stunning! She is THE Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer to go to!  Thank you to her makeup artists as well for the exquisite hair and make-up It was incredible as well.”

What's New in the Boudoir Suite?

Now offering Boudoir Videography


We have implemented the option of Video into our Colorado Springs Boudoir Photoshoots!

Because there is something more sexy about fluid motion. We are all about doing things different! Lets document this process with “Behind the Scenes” footage of everything that went down on your shoot. Tell us your why, talk about all the emotions you have, be that badass video vixen you have always wanted to be. Then get the video for you and who ever else you decide is worthy enough to see the Goddess you are!

Take a peek at one beautiful story and also a quick Behind the Scenes of what we do when our videographers on set.  

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Boudoir Photos & Weddings

What do Weddings have to do with Boudoir?


It’s the best gift you can give your spouse on your big day, and quite frankly what other Colorado Springs Boudoir studio can offer a one-stop shop?

Not only will I create your beautiful custom-made Boudoir Album, we will also have you bring on the sexy with our very own line of wedding lingerie. (Check the Dare to Bare tab at the top) We have a Bridal Line that will have him anxiously waiting to leave the festivities of the day behind.

At our Colorado Springs Boudoir Studio, we can provide you with the sexiest pictures, and the sexiest lingerie.

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography Lingerie

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs Weddings

Wedding Boudoir Photography 

Maternity Photography, Milk Bath photography, Boudoir Photography...
its all sexy!

So your not feeling sexy in that last trimester of you pregnancy? Let me show you just how sexy you truly are! Maternity Photography and Boudoir Photography go hand in hand. You ARE so sexy right now as your body glows and each one of those curves are a little more exaggerated. You are giving life to another human being and should love and appreciate your body for everything it does for you. Come and see Lea, The Best Colorado Boudoir Photographer and Maternity Photographer, and let her help you feel more sexier than ever! 

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs 

Colorado Boudoir Photography

Colorado Boudoir Photographers

Milk Bath Photography

Although Milk bath photography is such a beautiful way to take your maternity photos, Milk Bath Maternity can be for boudoir as well. We can create any type of milk bath for you to include in your session. Want a dark bath boudoir session? We can do that for you! Make your session, even more, spicier by adding this to any Boudoir Package. 

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Pinup Photography VS. Boudoir Photography

What is the difference between Classic Boudoir Photography and Pinup Photography? Well, the name itself tells you a lot At Lea Flores Photography and The Boudoir Suite, we incorporate the never-old classic pinup looks into a sexier version. It’s simple, our hair, and makeup artist is first in this whole process to get you all glammed up, like Marylin Monroe! Also when choosing a wardrobe, you can get as simple as a white tank top and cute boy shorts. How about a classy corset and sexy fish nets with a sexy open-toed heel? There you go, transformed again. Let us help you in our highly recommended Boudoir consults before your photoshoot to give you a bunch of tips! 

Best Colorado Boudoir Photographers

So what makes Lea different than all the other Colorado boudoir photographers?

She is the queen of boudoir!

In all seriousness, it is her experience, photographing women over 15 years and making boudoir her niche. As a boudoir photographer, she knows how to capture the beauty of a woman in an artistic way. Her posing skills are impeccable. She will not only direct you, but also help you to feel comfortable through each transitional pose.

Bad posing, miserable choice of light, and too much editing are just some things where most boudoir photographers fail.

“I know women because I am a woman, I know what I would want to see in my pictures. I know how to pose a women’s body like no other, any-body type, it doesn’t matter what size you are!”

Come see why she is not only AIBP nominated Best of Boudoir 2022 but also the Client rated Best in Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer.


THE Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer

Colorado Boudoir Photography, we have you covered! As a distinguished member of many local and national Boudoir Photography groups, Lea always keeps up with her education. 

Lea is widely known as Colorado Springs Best Boudoir Photographer.  She is very honored and proud to be named Boudoirs Best of 2022 by Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

Although Colorado Boudoir Photography is a huge part of Lea’s life, she does so much more! Head over to the “About Me” section to read more about this Colorado Boudoir Queen

Learning with The Best Boudoir Photographer

Colorado Boudoir Photographers and Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographers come to learn from Lea.

Lea has one on one sessions that she offers to upcoming Boudoir or Professional Photographers. These sessions are invaluable and are currently only offered one on one so that she can take advantage of the time she has with each student. 

Not interested in becoming a boudoir photographer but would still like to learn lights, business, or posing? We will cater a learning session towards those things. Come learn everything about Boudoir Photography or photography in general. 

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