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Welcome to the Boudoir Gallery where you will see women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. This just goes to show that any one of you can Be That Woman or MAN too. Please take your time going through Lea’s portfolio to view her experience and style of shooting. Also, feel free to visit my Pinterest page which has many more photos as well! We look forward to having you in the Boudoir Suite at Lea Flores Photography, and until then, stay SEXY!  

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We respect your privacy.

I take all my client’s privacy very seriously. I will never share your images online or in print without your written consent and permission. Every image you see on this website has been approved by the woman in the photo. Whether you are just keeping it for you and your significant other or have a high-profile career, I commit with a signed contract to keeping your images and personal information 100% confidential. I build a solid foundation of trust with you first in the Boudoir Suite and would like to continue that relationship based on trust thereafter. Although I love to showcase much of my work, I will never pressure my clients into sharing their photos, it is your choice and I will always respect that.

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Not Ready for Boudoir??

Not looking to do a full-blown boudoir photo shoot but would still love to have a luxury portrait-style photoshoot. Then the Luxury Portrait Session may be just the right session for you! Check out some of our Luxury Portrait Images to see if this is a better fit for you! The price for a session starts at $425.00.

What is the difference between a boudoir photoshoot and a luxury portrait shoot? Well, first and foremost you will be keeping on more clothing! Some women are not as comfortable doing a full-on boudoir shoot but still want an edgier, badass portrait to hang proudly on their wall. If this sounds like you, then this Luxury portrait session is just right for you.

The Luxury session comes with hair and makeup, a stylized session, pre-consult advice on how to prepare and then basically we roll out the red carpet for you with the Beyonce fan and all! 

Maternity and Boudoir

Women are so sexy when they are pregnant. Though you may not feel that way, your body is actually glowing, the breast are a little fuller and the curves of the body are a little more extenuated . You are giving life and there is nothing more brilliantly beautiful and sexier then that. You can choose to do a luxury portrait session with lea and keep the clothes on or a combination of both with some sexier poses. See below for some examples.

What actually happens in the boudoir studio

There is a moment that happens and is one of my most favorite moments while I’m photographing my boudoir clients in the studio. This is the part where we stop and just cut up laughing! Ask any Colorado Springs women who have photographed with me about this moment. It’s the time that my Santa laugh comes out from the pit of my belly  and always gets the ladies going. It’s a time when we really get to let go and let that gut laughter pour out from our inner being! Trust me ladies, HE will love seeing it in the pictures too! I hope these pictures make you smile today!

It not all sexy and lingerie

When photographing with lea, the first and upmost thing that is important to her is that all of her clients are comfortable her and the setting. Sometimes this means just being silly. Most of the time this happens very naturally.

Here is what Laura S. said: I’ve never had professional photos taken especially the more romantic type. I heard about Lea through a friend of mine and so I booked and gave it a shot. She was amazing. I felt so pretty and confident and she made it so fun and easy. I highly recommend her and all that she does. Shes amazing!

Although Lea takes every photography job that she gets very serious, one thing lea knows how to do is have some fun in sessions. Lea finds it imperative to make her clients feel comfortable by laughing with them. “When clients are able to get out of their head and not see the Camera anymore, that’s when I can capture the most stunning photos!” Lea 

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