Boudoir Experiences and Pricing


Any packages pre-purchased have an expiration date of 1 year after purchase. If a promotional session is purchased, this is up to the studio when it expires. 

Add-Ons Below Will be Offered after initial session is booked. 

Her Story

The Private Collection

Three videos will be created for you at your Boudoir Photography experience

The first will be a one minute highlight show casing all the fun wrapped up.

 The second will be a little more on the R rated side and show some sexier behind the scenes, more of a private collection for just you and your significant other. 

The third, we feel, is one of the most powerful of the three and is YOUR STORY, YOUR WHY! 

Add-ons to any Experience (This will come as a separate quote after the booking)

  • Sexy in the Shower/Dark Milk Bath
    Sexy in the Shower/Dark Milk Bath $100.00

    This artistic and very intimate portrait is not for the faint of heart. It is sure to get your partners heartbeat racing! Add this on to any experience. (Available at checkout)

  • Kitchen Set with Sexy Foods
    Kitchen Set with Sexy Foods $175.00

    Remember when mom used to say, "Don't play with your food?" Well we throw that rule right out the door in The Boudoir Suite. Whether you want to play with a spouse in a couples session or just tantalize your significant other by yourself with these delicious snacks. Come have your fun with us! PS...... Things will get messy, so we have added the shower scene with this experience. You can opt out, however it is there if you need it! (Available after Initial session booked)

  • Weekend Shoots $50.00

    Most Saturday and Sundays available by appointment with this add-on.

  • Add a Partner $50.00

    Add a partner into one of your sets. This fee does not include hair and makeup. Please let us know if that is needed.

  • Additional Outfit $35.00
  • Outdoor Boudoir Only Avail June to October (Early Morning or dusk shoot) $50.00

    Located at the same premises, in one of our many outdoor setups. Add an additional 35.00 to go to location of choice with in 15 Miles of our studio.

  • Skip the Line Edit $125.00

    Most editing takes 10-14 days before we bring you back for your reveal, if you need your boudoir pictures in 7 days or less this is still considered a rush. This add-on will move you up in the editing line, to bring you back in 6 days or less.  

  • 24 Hour Rush Edit $200.00

    Do you need your boudoir photos the same or the following day? Are you just so excited that you can't stand to wait for your private reveal? At Lea Flores Photography, you have the option of doing a same/following day reveal and order to get your photos even faster!

  • Over Night Stay $235.00

    Stay after your session in our luxurious suite. You and spouse will enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne as well as full access to our hot tub overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

Our Collections

Lea believes in giving her clients the best quality, timeless, luxury art pieces. Choose from many different packages to include, Custom Folio Boxes, Designer Albums, and small/large, metal, canvas, or acrylic prints. 

So what does it cost?

A fun and sexy Boudoir Session with Lea Flores in The Boudoir Suite is just what your inner vixen ordered!  For detailed pricing information regarding packages and options, we require a sit down consultation ahead of time.  Here at the Boudoir Suite, we hand tailor all of our packages and options to your needs.  Women need to see, feel and truly understand what they are going to receive after they photograph with Lea, as it is an experience in and of itself. In a pre-shoot boudoir consultation, you can look over all the beautiful, customized packaging we carry and see what is feasible for you and your budget. We can also discuss payment plan options that are suitable for you to be able to get EXACTLY what you want as low as 200.00 per month. We can safely tell you that our average client will spend around $1000.00 with us for a PHENOMENAL Package.  Remember, your investment will be in yourself!  Most women will find that this is a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy that experience and splurge a little on yourself! There is no price that can be placed on the way you feel after you come out of your private Boudoir Session! We do understand for some, price is still a consideration. To answer that question as broadly as possible,  there are many factors that go into determining your final investment in your gorgeous boudoir photos, and the last thing we want to do is provide you a dis-service by not understanding your wants interests and needs before we make a personalized recommendation that best suites you.

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