Attention: per governor polis’ March 19, 2020 mandate ordering nonessential businesses to close, the Boudoir Suite’s doors are temporarily closed until April 30, 2020. We are not seeing clients during this time, but we are currently booking sessions starting in the month of May. If you have a session scheduled with us during this time of uncertainty, please check your email for a message about rescheduling.

It’s your time now!

Time to let go of what you think you look like.

time to let go of all those insecurities & just trust

Be that Woman

Our Collections

Lea believes in giving her clients the best quality, timeless, luxury art pieces. Choose from Custom Folio Boxes, Designer Albums, and small/large prints

So what does it cost?

A fun and sexy Boudoir Session with Lea Flores in The Boudoir Suite is just what your inner vixen ordered!  For specific pricing I require a sit down consult ahead of time. Why? Because I find that women need to see, feel and truly understand what they are going to receive after they photograph with me. in a pre-shoot boudoir consultation, you can look over all the beautiful, customized packaging we carry and see what is feasible for you and your budget. We can also discuss payment plan options that are suitable for you to be able to get EXACTLY what you want. We can safely tell you that our average client will spend around $575 with us for a PHENOMENAL Package. Your investment will first and foremost, be in you!  Most women will find that this is a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy the experience and splurge a little on yourself! There is no price that you can put on the way you feel after you come out of your private Boudoir Session! 
Having said that, we understand that for some, price is still a consideration. To answer that question as best as I can; I do not have a one-size-fits all answer. There are many factors that go into determining your final investment in your gorgeous boudoir photos. 

Lea is a print artist and takes so much pride in all of her finished products. “My work is truly not done until it is in its printed form.” 

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