The Boudoir Suite Studio is Open for Business

Have you ever heard the expression that a diamond only becomes a diamond after facing extreme pressure, or the term, fire refines gold?

Well, that could not be truer for the journey of our new Boudoir studio….

We are open for business!!

It has been an uphill battle! From people trying to burn the place down before it was even fully built, (literally), to the many unforeseen obstacles being thrown at Lea left and right. This journey, although rough, has truly been an amazing transformation, to say the least! 

With an exceptional view of Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountains and the natural light that shines through, our Colorado Springs Boudoir studio is guaranteed to take your breath away! The decor is elegant, glamorous, with a bohemian flair to give our clients one of the most intimate and newly styled settings.

But what is most beautiful about this photography studio is where it came from, the woman behind the lens, Lea Flores. If you haven’t met Lea, come on in and set up your appointment to do so.

Colorado Springs Boudoir
Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Studios in Colorado
Boudoir Studios in Colorado

With all the new digs, Lea Flores Photography is excited to announce a brand-new menu of amazing ADD-ON services to compliment any photoshoot!

So, who’s ready to get a little hotter, a little steamier.  Ohhhhh….. and wet!

The New Sexy in the Shower Experience

This service offers a steamy shower scene experience, which is done in the comfort of our beautiful glass-paned, private shower, located in the boudoir studio. This add-on service is sure to add that lasting impression on your lover!

Also, the new Kitchen Experience.

Remember when mom used to say, don’t play with your food? Well in our Boudoir Studio, we throw that rule right out the door! Whether you want to play in our sexy kitchen with your significant other or have some fun yourself, this tantalizing addon is one you can’t just get anywhere else!

Did you know we do headshots? Click the picture below

Boudoir Photographer Colorado Springs

And to include in all the new-new, meet me, Juanita! Lea’s LONG-time friend, assistant, and one of your fabulous makeup artists! After nearly 20 years of all the corporate mayhem, in one of the city’s busiest emergency rooms, climbing a corporate ladder and having much success, I am manifesting my dream of being my own damn CEO. I took the plunge and went back to school. I Jumped!  I took all my fears of failure, anxiety and doubt, and did the damn thang! This new chapter allows me to be an artist who offers so many amazing beautification regiments. Each service that I offer such as customizable facials, lash extensions, professional makeup, tanning, body waxing and body wraps is sure to make anyone feel amazing!  I’m excited to share my journey, my vision, my “why” and all that is great and even the bad and ugly! So, who is ready?

Book now with Me at or call me at 719-217-4655 and get your facial before your shoot or just because!

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