No You’re Not Too Big Or Too Old To Do A Boudoir Shoot!

In our Colorado boudoir photography studio, beauty, individuality, age, and sensuality of the human body are celebrated always! Doing a boudoir session is an opportunity to have your distinct beauty captured in an intimate and empowering way. Many people indeed think that because they feel their bodies are not ideal, they are not suitable for boudoir photography. This is a widespread problem that Lea Flores is trying to change with every click of her camera. Lea wants you to know that, You CAN do a boudoir session, you SHOULD do a boudoir session and there is no excuse not to do a boudoir session.

No matter what shape or size you are today, boudoir photography is all about loving the skin you are in now. Everyone has distinctive qualities worth praising and showing off, even if it’s only for your eyes! Your butt may be larger than what you see on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok but it is still beautiful. Your curves are what make you different and distinctive. Lea Flores will showcase you in your best light and sit and talk with you about any pain points you may have or are concerned about. Lea adores working with clients of all shapes and sizes!

Think your breasts are too small? They aren’t! They are perfect! Don’t allow that short-minded thinking to stop you from pressing the button to do a boudoir session. Small breasts offer a different kind of sensuality that can be captured in a beautiful way, and they can be just as attractive as larger breasts. Also, Lea has a way with light! Shadow emphasis on the breast can change the game! Lea is capable of highlighting your distinctive traits and is going to help you feel confident and gorgeous by utilizing angles, lighting, and posing techniques to create stunning and sexy photos.

Think you are too old? You’re not! Women of all ages should come and celebrate their bodies as they are in every stage of life. It’s never too late to fall in love with yourself again! You don’t have to wear a g-string thong to be sexy! Lea prefers her more seasoned clients to wear beautiful and romantic pieces to showcase their beautiful bodies in a more sensual and classy way. By all means, however, if you like a thong, wear the thong though!

Never lose sight of the goal and vision of your session!
This experience is not to satisfy external beauty standards of what the world thinks is sexy or beautiful. It’s all about embracing the beauty and sensuality that is uniquely yours.
To the person reading this right now, you ARE deserving of this type of experience regardless of your size, shape, or age! It’s time to get out of your head and let go of your doubts! Our priority is to show you what others see in you that you may not see in yourself!
We change lives and open eyes in our studio! Together, you and Lea will establish a relaxed, secure, and safe setting that will allow you to be completely yourself, where you’re at, RIGHT NOW!
To book with Lea Flores Photography, head on over to our pricing and information page.

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