You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size!

Do you know the amount of women that are going around wearing the wrong bra size? It’s in the high 80% percent. That means that you are probably one of those women. The majority of that percentage is women that are wearing bra sizes too small. If you are like me, I always thought of the cup size as the size of my breast. Oddly enough, it isn’t! Get this, it is actually the difference between the size of your breast and your rib cage? I mean what the hell does your rib cage have to do with it? This one really had me scratching my head.

Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography Bras
Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography small breasts

I was a very flat chested girl until that is, the summer of 1994. I remember that summer so clearly. I was so envious of a girlfriend of mine who was a full size B already. A FULL SIZE B! I on the other hand had already been teased by some older boys who called me the dreaded “flat chested girl.” I was ready for my flowers!

I also went out to purchase my bras, very proudly telling the ladies at the counter with a smile on my face that I was a full size C. In actuality I had no idea what I was, I just grabbed what I thought fit. To be quite honest with you, I still really don’t know, and again to be honest, many of these women behind the counter, really don’t know either!

So when that summer came, I mean finally came, I held my shoulders back proudly every where I walked and sported my new perking flowers in bloom! Full bloom! I mean literally went from nothing to a very full size C within a matter of 3 months.

Colorado Springs Boudoir Lingerie

As a boudoir photographer who sees women in lingerie every day, I thought it was about time that I really got up on my lingerie knowledge. You see I photograph women of all shapes and sizes and it’s important that I guide them in what to wear by giving them advice on what will look ravishing on their body for their boudoir session. So I hit the streets of Colorado Springs to some local lingerie stores in hopes of getting knowledge from someone who specialized in this area.

I didn’t just want to walk into the Victoria Secret Store, I wanted it to feel more personal. I mean after all, I’m going to be pulling out the girls for a stranger and we haven’t even had dinner together? I wanted to know I was going to get a little more one on one treatment. 

I found a little shop Downtown. I walked in and it was quite, which was preferable to me. The store was so very cute with all sorts of items on display. The owners, whose name was Coleen, greeted me with a smile. I browsed and we got to talking. I asked her about sizing and carrying items for all shapes as that is so very important to me and for the my normal clients. She assured me she carried from petite to full size. She also explained to me that it is very important when trying on bras that you have someone that can measure you. That’s the key to wearing the right size. She explained that she did this for clients on request. She was so knowledgeable about the different body types, and i continued to take in her knowledge.  The best part of it all was it is so personal. Much like my Boudoir sessions. 

Boudoir Lingerie

Now that we know most of us women are either floating in our bras, or cutting our blood circulation off to our breast, you may want to check and see if you are wearing the right size and there are a few others way to check. One would be by looking for a bra size calculator or app right on your phone. That’s right my Colorado Springs women, they make  apps for it! One tell tell sign you could be in the wrong bra size just by looks is the side boob popping out at you, or the front bubble in your shirt that you have to keep tucking in. It could be digging into your shoulders or wrapping around your body so tightly it leaves marks. These are all things to watch out for. Educate yourself and then go buy a bra that fits!

I’m happy to report that I kept growing after that summer and ended up a verified full size 36 DD Baby! Im also happy to report that I do sell a few items and can help my Colorado Springs Women out! 

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