Where Do I Hang These?

When I explain to my clients I am a print artist, the first question they typically ask is, but where am I going to hang these? 

Colorado Springs Custom Photo Album
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Most of my clients that have done family photos with me, booked me as their wedding photographer, or even my high school senior and parents get it. They know they are going to leave my photography studio with beautiful prints.  However, when I’m explaining this to my boudoir clients they ask me, well where the heck am I going to hang these?

I get it, boudoir photography is very specific, and the majority of women choose to keep these images very private between their spouses and themselves. Most women will not choose to hang a large photo of themselves on their wall. Keep in mind that I say most as I do have my beautiful boudoir divas who will gloriously display these photos anywhere they damn well please. But the majority of women want something a little more discreet. I however will not make this an excuse to just hand over digital images to my boudoir babe clients.

Here are some of the ways I help my boudoir clients understand what they can do with their photos when they come see me in person for their reveal and are getting ready to make a decision on a printed package.

Custom Boudoir Photo Prints

I cater to all different client wants. The woman and the man who want to keep an album bedside,  the women who wants a few printed images in a keepsake box, and the women who want a large print hung, to remind herself every day just how beautiful she is.

I have samples ready and available for my clients to see. Also, pictures that other clients have sent me of how and where they have hung their photos.

I also have subconsciously , and magically implanted in my clients mind ahead of time that they are going to want printed items when they walk into my changing room in The Boudoir Suite and see three beautifully hung, classy 16×24’s canvas prints. (Smile) I kid I kid!

Many times I will ask the women ahead of time to take a few photos of their bedroom, closet and bathroom to send  me before their private boudoir reveal. I do this because we photographers are visual artist and many times our clients are not. They may not visualize where they can put these photos at. My job doesn’t end as the photographer, here I am helping with interior design too! 

Boudoir Studio in Colorado Springs

I almost always utilize one of my labs, CGProprints, canvas grouping page, where clients can see pictures above certain furniture pieces. This really shows the clients just how easy a collection would be to hang, and how it looks ahead of time. 

Side note: I will  be magically and subconsciously implanting in the mind of this wonderful lab as well,  that they need to show case some of my art, hung above areas in a bedroom or bathroom to further help us photographers in the boudoir industry sell more prints. (Wink Wink!)

Boudoir Photographer in Colorado Springs

I explain to the women that not all the photos have to be large and in charge however. They can  very easily group 4 beautifully hand crafted 10×10 metal art pieces in their bathroom, or they can frame something a little more discreet like a few 5×7’s in their gorgeous walk-in closet, (for those women that are lucky enough to have that.)

If my clients are still not privy to the idea of hanging their images, Ill then have them consider a custom keepsake box where they can store 20 sleek and beautifully matted 8×12’s to tuck away, or a gorgeous leather album that they can keep right next to the bed, in the nightstand to enjoy any night they so please.

I’m a print artist, which means I think its a disservice to just hand over digital images to a client and make them figure out what they are going to do with those images.  This part is so exciting to me to be able to share with them new ideas for decorating, helping them pick out frames, and I will even go as far as visiting their home to help them hang their new art. 

Please refer back to CGProprints website to see some of these example groupings. Pricing

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